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With a guiding theme of using chemistry and small-molecules to identify, explore, and define novel targets for the treatment of disease, we aspire to make an impact in both chemistry and biology. We are both chemists and biologists, using the scientific techniques necessary to solve complex disease-driven questions.

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Congratulations to Dr. Steven Motika for being awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the NIH!

Congratulations to Matthew Boudreau for being awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the Medicinal Chemistry division of the ACS!

As of May 2019 patients with refractory, metastatic kidney cancer can enroll in the trial of PAC-1 + immunotherapy, please see link for information.

As of March 2019 patients with neuroendocrine tumors (especially pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, or PNET) are sought for the PAC-1 clinical trial, please see link for information.

See story on Pretzel, a pet dog with glioma successfully treated with PAC-1.

eNTRyway, our web app for predicting compound accumulation in Gram-negative bacteria, is live!

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