We explore other antibacterial strategies and continuously screen our collection of unique compounds for potential antibacterial agents. Through this work we have identified compounds potent against MRSA, anti-biofilm compounds, and compounds that induce plasmid elimination from bacterial cells.

As one example, the natural product deoxynybomycin (DMN) is extremely potent against Gram-positive bacteria that are resistant to fluoroquinolones (FQs). As ~100% of MRSA and VRE are FQ-resistant, there is medicinal promise for this compound class. In 2015 we reported the synthesis of DMN and multiple derivatives. One of these compounds, called DNM-2, has outstanding oral bioavailability and rescues mice infected with MRSA.

Related Publications:


Deoxynybomycins Inhibit Mutant DNA Gyrase and Rescue Mice Infected with Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Bacteria

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The Relationship Between Aminoglycosides' RNA Binding Proclivity and Their Antiplasmid Effect on an IncB Plasmid

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Combating Drug-Resistant Bacteria: Small Molecule Mimics of Plasmid Incompatibility as Antiplasmid Compounds

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